About FaxSol

FaxSol started out in 1995 as Fax Solutions (selling network fax) but as the internet became more popular then gradually internet websites became the most important technology for the promotion and survival of businesses.

So Fax Solution became FaxSol and we have been designing websites since 1998. The internet and technology have changed a great deal in the intervening years, in 1998 websites were hand built with very little aid, apart from an HTML editor, these days we use a content management system (CMS) and chose a theme to suit your application.

One size does not fit all and it’s important the website works for you and allows you to get on with the business you know best – keeping your customers happy and making money.

Our websites are not the most expensive, and we do not charge for minor updates. We will always quote for the total cost of your website and stick to that price. Because we develop websites using a content management system many updates you will require you will be able to do yourself, it’s easy!

Web Design

Web sites are designed for your business so that they work for you.

Domain Registration

We can register a domain in your name and host it for you.


Not everyone can make up logos and provide all the graphics required for a website, but with our extensive experience, this is one part of website design you will not have to worry about. Need a few pictures, no problem.


Whether you want to sell a few items, or a few hundred, we can give you a solution which you can control yourself, with the feedback required for stock level control and sales analysis.


So you have now got a website! As part of the design, we host the site for a nominal fee per year and this includes email facilities.


As part of the hosting, we offer an email facility associated with your domain name. This is a web-based email system which you can control yourself or it can be configured as a setup and forget system. You can send and receive email through your favourite email address (Gmail, Hotmail etc) but remain professional by effectively sending / receiving email through your domain.


Search Engine Optimisation – what is the point of designing a superb site if none of your potential customers can find it? So as part of our design fee, we include SEO of your website and publish it to all the major search engines.


It’s important to us you website works for you so we continually monitor your website and keep it up to date with the latest core amendments. You will need to change the contents of your website as time goes on, not a problem, we will be here to help.


FaxSol is based in Silsden, West Yorkshire, but our clients are based all over the country and some abroad. Some of our clients we have never met, but we have made successful websites for them. Communication is easy via telephone, Skype, email, and various file transfer methods. Most of our new work comes via a customer recommendation.

We will look forward to hearing from you.


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